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Comprising 3 minutes of clips of Garry's dramatic work from feature films, short films, and television

3 Minute Drill

In this award winning demo reel, Garry appears as seven distinctive characters from seven different films.


In Character ‘19

Longer scene clips in a longer (4.5 minute) reel  

Films and Characters

God Has Wronged Me - Trailer

Garry plays a deeply suffering yet combative Job, resisting his friends’ accusations and pleading with God for a hearing.

Scenes from Polycarp

This demo from Garry’s award winning performance highlights his ability as a dramatic actor in a lead role.

Scenes from ​​​​My Grandpa Detective (Comedy)

Garry demonstrates his aptitude for comedy as he plays a retired cop called back to duty because of a clerical error. This reel includes bits of three hila​rious set pieces with Gene Zacharias as the squadroom bully, Chris Ritter as the suspecty under interrogation, and co-star Stephen Hardy as "Bobby."

Lee Surrenders

Here Garry portrays Gen. Robert E. Lee's surrender to Gen. U. S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia on April 9, 1865 in the TV series Legends & Lies: The Civil War. (Note: This scene was filmed in the very room where that portentous event took place. Every effort was made to make it an authentic recreation of history.)

Scenes from Chasing the Star

Garry plays Melchior, the instigator and leader of the expedition of the "three wise men." But his confidence in his quest for the Messiah gradually begins to evaporate - shown well in just a few clips from this film in which he plays a lead role.

Clip from Into Death and Beyond It

Based on actual events, ​​​this film tells the story of men condemned to die in a starvation bunker in Auschwitz. Garry gives a compelling performance as an embittered Jewish inmate who demands to know why a Catholic priest volunteered to take the place of one of the condemned.

Scenes from Man’s Best Friend

Garry plays a strong supporting role with a lot of courtroom drama as the county prosecutor conflicted by having to put a disabled veteran on trial.

Malchazar’s Dilemma (Musical Theater)

In this crucial scene from the Nativity story, the scholarly Magi Malchazar faces an intellectual and spiritual dilemma. Garry's powerful vocals propel this  combination of monologue and song to a stirring climax.


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