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Credits, Awards, Etc.


Feature Films

  • Missing Persons (B22 Films): Agent Cooper (Supporting)
  • Project Alexander (Penikam Films): Peter Simeon (Lead)
  • Washington's Armor, vols. 2 & 3 (Capernaum Studios): Speaker James Robinson (Supporting)
  • Silent Night in Algona (CDI Productions): Mayor Frank Hewitt (Supporting)
  • Pursuit of Freedom (Homesick Media, 2022): Agent Jirair (Supporting)
  • Running the Bases (Up2You Productions, 2022): Ted Graham (Supporting)
  • Princess Cut 3 (Watchman Pictures, 2022): Richard Coleman (Supporting)
  • Mayberry Man (Dir. Stark Howell, 2021): The Old Man (Supporting)
  • Central Standard (BumbleBee Entertainment, 2020): Doug Riggs (Supporting)
  • MBF: Man's Best Friend (CDI Productions, 2019): Ed Hammins (Supporting)
  • The Challenger Disaster  (2019. Nathan VonMinden, Dir.): Dean (Supporting)
  • Resemblance (Risen Light Films, 2019): Ross (Lead)
  • Like Arrows (Pro-Family Films, 2018): Older Charlie (Lead)
  • Chasing the Star (CDI Productions, 2017): Melchior (Lead)
  • My Grandpa Detective (Movie Makers, 2015): Grandpa (Lead)
  • Polycarp (Henline Productions, 2015): Polycarp (Lead)
  • Indescribable (ThornCrown Productions, 2013): Rabbi Meir ben Isaac (Supporting)


Short Films

  • The Pawn Shop (Prod. Shiloh Carozza; Dir. Johnick Petry): Pawnbroker (Lead)
  • The Situation Room (Huffmedia Productions, Dir. Andrew Huff. 2022): Michael (Lead)
  • God Has Wronged Me: An Adaptation of the Book of Job (Puritan Productions, Dir. Garry Nation, 2022): Job (lead)
  • Dinner with Godfather (Dir. William Willer, 2021): Louis DeCarlo (Lead)
  • The Right Vintage (Dir. Trace Winter, 2021): AI Butler (voice)
  • Season of Revolution: Forging Texas, Ep. 1 (Dir. Stephen Robinson, 2020): Simeon (Supporting)
  • Atlas (Dir. Greg Tull, 2020): Father (voice)
  • Night Guard (Broken Record Films, 2020): Old Man (Supporting)
  • The Greatest Short Film Ever (Evergreen Media, 2019): Cain Foster (Supporting)
  • The Interview (Capstone Films, 2019): John Coleman (Lead)
  • Operation Resist (Ethos Movies, 2019): Seth (Lead)
  • Persephone (Two Square Studios, 2018): Amber's Dad (Supporting)
  • Last Call (Nathan Jacobson, Dir., 2018): Dad (Lead)
  • Into Death and Beyond It (Sherwood Fellows, 2018): Jonah (Lead)
  • If You Only Knew (Allison Unger, Dir., 2017): Neil (Supporting)
  • Hope (Eric Hanson, Dir., 2017): Minister (Supporting)


  • Sherwood Forest (Documentary — Graco Productions): Gen. Littlejohn (Supporting)
  • Joseph’s Dream (Short - Royalty Films): King Herod (Supporting)
  • Fabled, Pilot: “The Inquisitors” (TV Series - We the People Studios): Sir Fairsay (Lead)
  • Vindication, S2, Ep 4, “Perspectives” (TV Series - FlyRock Media): Ken (Guest Star)
  • The Advocate, S1 (TV Series - Gabriel's Messenger Films, 2021): Sutherland (Recurring)
  • Lone StarJustice, S1 (Series - Jarrett Creatives, 2019): CSI Noel Martin (Recurring, 3 episodes)
  • ​         "She Had Everything"
  •            "This One Is Yours"
  • ​          "Long Arm of the Law"
  • Eyewitness Bible Stories, New Testament (Pivot Films, 2019): Cretan Elder
  • Legends & Lies: The Civil War (TV Series, Warm Springs Productions): Robert E. Lee (Lead, Principal; 10 episodes)
  • The Art of Parenting, Episode 6 (ProFamily Films, 2018): Charlie (Lead)
  • Scandal Made Me Famous: Mary Kay LeTourneau (AMS Pictures): Sen. John Schmitz (Supporting)
  • Wait Till It’s Free (Gunn Productions, 2014): Homeless Man (Featured)


  • Amazing Grace: The Life of John Newton (Puritan Productions, 2018): Billy / George Whitefield (Supporting)
  • The Promise (Central BCS Productions, 2015, 2018): Peter (Supporting) 
  • A Debt That Led to Home (Core Theatre, 2017): Preacher/Dance Instructor/Army Officer/Doctor(Supporting)
  • Esther: For Such a Time as This (The Theater Company, 2012): Mordecai (Lead)
  • Amazing Love (CBC Bryan Productions, 2006, 2008, 2011): Simon of Cyrene (Supporting)
  • The Father’s Gift of Love (CBC Bryan Productions, 2004): Simeon (Supporting)
  • The Power of His Love (CBC Bryan Productions, 2002): Malchazar (Lead)
  • He Is Risen (CBC Bryan Productions, 1997): John (Supporting)
  • Oliver (OBUProductions, 1974): Bill Sykes (Supporting)
  • Fiddler on the Roof (OBU Productions, 1973): Perchik (Supporting)


Plumbing Hero (Bluspark Agency, 2021), Man (1 episode)

QCare (Real News PR, 2019), CEO (1 episode)

Axxess (Stephen Kibara, Prod., 2017), Alex (8 episodes)


  • Hungering and Thirsting (Lamplighters, 2023): The Lamplighter (Lead), Mr. Scott (Supporting), Doctor (Supporting)
  • Jonathan Park: Sound the Alarm (Wise King Media 2022): Ben Franklin (Supporting), Samuel Capulus (Supporting)
  • Jonathan Park: Weapons of Our Warfare (Wise King Media 2022): Garry Nation as Garry Nation (Supporting)
  • The Hidden Hand (Lamplighters, 2021): Dr. Day (Strong Supporting), The Warden (Supporting)
  • The Norman Lowell Gallery of Alaska - A Virtual Tour: Narrator.  The Norman Lowell Gallery - A Virtual Tour
  • Covenant in the Sky (Lifeline Audio Dramas, 2019): Voice of God
  • Quicksand: Getting to the Bottom (Lamplighters, 2019): Dr. Chelway (Lead)
  • The Adventum Audio Adventures, Vol. 1 (Wise King Media, 2018): Abraham (Lead)
  • Escape from the Eagle's Nest (Lamplighters, 2017): The Mufti
  • The Giant Killer (Lamplighters, 2017): Sloth the Giant



Sapphire Award: Historical Drama, God Has Wronged Me Focus International Film Festival, 2022


Best Actor in a Feature Film, “Polycarp,” Polycarp — International Christian Film Festival 2015

Best Actor in a Short Film, “Michael," The Situation Room - Christian Online Film Festival 2022

Sapphire Award: Actor in a Historical Drama, “Job” God Has Wronged Me - Focus International Film Film Festival, 2022

Best Actor in a Short Film, “Michael," The Situation Room — Content 2022

Best Actor, The Situation Room — Online Christian Film Festival, 2022

Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film, “Agent Jirair,” Pursuit of Freedom — Content 2022

Best Demo Reel — Content 2019

Best Demo Reel, Drama — Content 2022

Nominee: Best Leading Actor, The Adventum, Vol. 1 - ATC Seneca Awards, 2018

Nominee: Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film, Resemblance - ICFF 2020

Nominee: Best Actor in a Feature Film, Chasing the Star - ICFF 2018

Nominee: Best Actor in a Feature Film, My Grandpa Detective – ICFF 2016

Nominee: Best Project by a First Time Filmmaker, God Has Wronged Me — Content 2022

Special Skills

  • Vocalist (bass-baritone)
  • Voiceover
  • Accents (American Regional, British, French, German, East European, Middle Eastern, other )


Treasure Coast Talent LLC

Los Angeles, California

SAG-AFTRA Franchised



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