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A Gallery of Looks

As fitting his range and versatility, Garry has a variety of looks. He currently is playing characters from age 55-75 without extensive makeup.

A Gallery of Characters


In only his second film, Garry played the Christian martyr in what became his award winning, signature role. “I’ve played many characters and had some great roles, but none better than this. It truly was the role of a lifetime."

Grandpa Detective

A change of pace from drama, Garry flexed his comedy muscles as the title character in My Grandpa Detective.

Gen. Robert E. Lee

Probably Garry’s biggest role to date is this one for the TV docudrama series Legends & Lies: The Civil War. He appears as Lee in 10 of the 13 episodes.


In Chasing the Star, Garry embodies the Magi for whom the appearance of the Messiah’s star sets him on the quest of a lifetime.


For a dramatic change of pace in The Challenger Disaster, Garry took on the supporting role of Dean, the cool-headed, logical, consensus-building member of the team. of engineers who tried vainly to stop the Challenger launch.

Ed Hammins

MBF: Man’s Best Friend tells the story of a disabled veteran who runs afoul of local law. Garry plays the prosecuting attorney who is conflicted over having to put him on trial.


Some of Garry’s most challenging roles have been in short films. In Into Death and Beyond It, he plays a Jewish concentration camp inmate who is consigned to a starvation bunker. Noah, bitter and cynical, challenges the priest who volunteered to take another man’s place.


Resemblance is a psycho-drama with science fiction overtones. Ross enters the film in the second act to “save the day,” but is he a good guy or something else?


Garry wrote, directed, and played the lead role in God Has Wronged Me - an Adaptation of the Book of Job, placing the ancient story in a contemporary setting.

Agent Jirair

This Armenian NSS agent appears at a pivotal moment in Pursuit of Freedom, putting the whole rescue operation in jeopardy. This is a role that stretched Garry in a number of ways, including learning a new accent.

Ted Graham

It’s back to Texas for this role as a down-to-earth, good ol’ boy oilman who’s a backer of the local high school baseball team and its embattled coach in Running the Bases.

Mayor Frank Hewitt

In Silent Night in Algona, Garry is the mayor of a small town in Iowa during WWII that has to deal with a POW camp housing German soldiers.


Imagine the Archangel Michael as the manager of an angelic staff monitoring the crisis of the entry of sin into the world, in The Situation Room.

Garry’s characters run the gamut--

from a medieval rabbi...

To a TV host in the studio...

To a TV host on a foggy bridge...

to a Vietnam vet with PTSD...

to a terminally ill dad estranged from his daughter..


to a highly respected crime scene analyst…

to a highly sophisticated crime boss…

to a Galilean fisherman named Simon who left all to follow Jesus...

To a Texian farmer who risked all to gain independence from Mexico...

to a leading politician in colonial Virginia...

to the mysterious leader of a group of inquisitors seeking relics...

— Garry’s characterizations are always genuine, always persuasive, often powerful.


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