About Garry

Devoted to creating characterizations that are authentic,

and that reach audiences empathetically and powerfully

Garry's Story

Garry Nation is an award winning actor who has made an impact in a number of productions - both faith based and general interest - whether as the lead or in a supporting role.

He has achieved a reputation in the industry for his professionalism, range of abilities, and the genuineness of his characterizations.

Having played numerous roles onstage, often portraying biblical characters, Garry made his film debut as Rabbi Meir ben Isaac  in Indescribable (ThornCrown Project, 2013). Soon after he was cast in the title role in Polycarp (Henline Productions, 2015), for which he won the award for Best Lead Actor at the International Christian Film Festival.

He followed up by showing his versatility and aptitude for comedy as Grandpa in My Grandpa Detective  (MovieMakers, 2016), for which he was again nominated for Best Lead Actor (ICFF 2016). He returned to a historical period role as the Magi Melchior in the biblical drama Chasing the Star (CDI, 2017) which led to his third Best Actor nomination. His striking portrayal of Ross in the suspenseful sci-fi drama Resemblance (Risen Light Films, 2019) brought him another award nomination, this time as Best Supporting Actor.

Garry took on a major role in the TV series Legends & Lies: The Civil War (Fox News, 2017), playing Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in 10 episodes. He has continued to work in several independent features and short films, including strong supporting roles in The Challenger Disaster (Vision Makers, 2019) and MBF: Man's Best Friend (CDI, 2019). His resume continues to grow, including both feature and short films now in post-production or awaiting release.

2022 saw Garry not only playing the lead role but also directing the short film God Has Wronged Me, depicting the story of Job - for which he also wrote the screenplay.

Garry's distinctively strong, smooth, expressive voice was seemingly made for voice acting and having previously done narration, in 2017 he made his first foray into audio drama with Lamplighters' The Giant Killer and Escape from the Eagle's Nest. More recently he carried the role of Abraham in The Adventum Audio Adventures, Vol. 1 (Wise King Media, 2018), another lead role in the Lamplighters production Quicksand: Getting to the Bottom (2019), and a supporting role in The Hidden Hand (2020). One of the projects that kept him busy during the pandemic shutdown of 2020 was voiceover narration reading the poetry of artist Norman Lowell for a video tour of the Norman Lowell Art Gallery.


Not only has Garry played a rabbi and an ancient Church Father,  he is a minister in real life as well. The multi-talented actor is also a musician, speaker, educator, and writer. He is also a scholar, holding the Ph.D. from a major Protestant seminary. An Oklahoma native, Garry lives in the Dallas, Texas area with his wife Linda. They have three grown children and six growing grandchildren.

A Note from Garry:

Why I Am an Actor

For me acting is an extension of my work as a minister of the gospel.

In the broadest sense ministry is communication—receiving something for the purpose of passing it along to others. Acting is a specialized form of communication, delivering a message that reaches both the mind and the heart of the recipient.

It’s not that I think that I have to preach a sermon every time I’m on stage or in front of a camera. In the first place, as an actor on stage or in film, I am conscious that I am only a small part of a much larger work—the servant of a vision God has given to someone else.

Second, not every work of art has an explicit message, nor should it be so. But every work communicates the worldview of the artist. 

My dramatic portrayals are shaped by the truth I believe in, whether the characters I play believe in them or not. “Yea, let God be true, and every man a liar” (Romans 3:4). I strive in every role to show what is true.

Third, I work hard to show excellence in every performance, not from ego but because I realize that people will judge my Lord by what I produce. 

So, I want to be careful about what roles I choose and what projects to be a part of.

I am devoted to creating characterizations that are authentic, and that reach audiences empathetically and powerfully.     

Faithfully yours,



Treasure Coast Talent LLC

Los Angeles, California

SAG-AFTRA Franchised


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