"Running" and "Pursuit" - and a New Experience for Me

Tuesday, August 30, 2022 5:00 PM

This is a new experience for me…and hardly a regular occurrence even for actors who have been in film much longer than I.

I have 2 movies opening in theaters on the same day.

Actually, they’re not “my" films in the sense that I’m starring in as the lead. But I do have a prominent role in each of them. And I’m a bit conflicted because I can’t attend both of them at their openings. (I’m not the only one who has this dilemma. Fellow actors Brett Varvel (Mayberry Man, American Underdog) and Todd Terry (Vindication, Fear the Walking Dead) are also in both films.

Which one do you want to see first?

Both of these films were shot in 2021, Pursuit of Freedom in the spring and Running the Bases in the summer.


Pursuit of Freedom (formerly titled Pulled from Darkness) is a tense drama based on the true story of a woman whose husband’s gambling debts lead to her being kidnapped and cast into sex slavery. Her three children escape but lived in poverty with a distant relative in Armenia. Near death, she tenaciously clings to life with desperate hope of being reunited with her children. You can read about my role in this film here (scroll down to 'Agent Jirair’). 

This was my first time to work with filmmaker George Johnson. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a director who had as much fun making a movie as George. And playing an interrogation scene across from multi-award winning, international veteran film and television actor Stelio Savante was a high moment for me.

The film does not carry an MPAA rating; approves it for all ages, but Movieguide does give an advisory for children. As of this date the film has 21 award nominations and 17 wins. My first viewing will be at the Content 2022 Film Festival and Media Summit a couple of days prior to its release on September 16. Those who have seen it have spoken of the power of its impact.

It opens everywhere in the US on iTUNES, VOD, & DIGITAL on September 16th and will also be playing in the following theatres in the following cities. 

- The Angelika Village East in New York City
- Laemmle in Glendale, CA
- Emagine Hartland in Hartland, MI
- Galaxy Grandscape 15 in Dallas, TX
- Cine America in Houston, TX
- Ionia Theatre in Ionia, MI
- ABCinema in Decatur, IN

Please see this film and share it with your friends. 10% of all proceeds are being donated to HOPE FOR JUSTICE, an anti-trafficking organization.


 A high school coach runs afoul of his school administrator for his expressions of faith. Just this year the Supreme Court of the United States ruled decisively in favor of such a coach (Kennedy vs. Bremerton School District). But this film isn’t about politics or a court case, but a man trying to live his life purposefully—and to teach the team he coaches to do the same. As you can see, my friends Brett Varvel and Todd Terry have headliner roles in this film. I have a supporting role playing, well, a supporter of the coach. 

Filmmakers Marty Roberts and Jimmy Womble have been working on this project for at least five years, taking their time to get the script, cast, financing, and production details right. 

Running the Bases is the first wide-release motion picture I’m privileged to be part of. I’m proud to be in this picture look forward to seeing it for the first time at the red carpet premiere in Atlanta Sept 12. It will then open Friday, Sept. 16 in more than 1500 theaters nationwide, That means it will be coming to a theater near you. Some tickets are already being sold. Check HERE to see where it’s showing in your vicinity. Rated PG for some emotional intensity, this is about as family friendly a movie as you’ll have the opportunity to see this year. Before it was even made, the script was taking awards at some major film festivals. It’s got humor, it’s got heart, and it’s got a witness.  Take your family. Get a group from your church. Go see this film the first weekend! You have no idea how important it is for a film like this to have a strong opening.

So, which one do you want to go see first?