*Silent Night in Algona* First Look Teaser Trailer Released

Sunday, April 24, 2022 12:00 AM

Late last fall I had the privilege of playing a supporting role in the motion picture Silent Night in Algona, coming for Christmas, December 2022

From the press release from production company CDI:

CDI's next film SILENT NIGHT IN ALGONA showcases a unique piece of history nearly forgotten. During WW2, the US housed thousands of German PW soldiers in Midwest PW Camps. This story centers on a main camp in Algona, Iowa whereas something quite special happened. Based on actual events, this story was filmed in November of 2021 from a script by DJ Perry and directed by Anthony Hornus, best known for his previous CDI film MBF: MAN'S BEST FRIEND.

The film examines life in 1944 from several perspectives as the lack of manpower and heavy rationing caused factories to use German PW labor. This gave rise to the idea that perhaps these soldiers could be used on family farms also in demand for labor. But having prisoners out to the farms amongst families initially caused quite an outcry. Our story examines one of the first farms in the area to use PW labor. The family featured in our story is loosely based upon the actual Tietz family. Businessman Don Tietz, and his charity foundation were a large catalyst for making this project go. The film currently has a first edit and is being trimmed down to its final runtime. Meanwhile a teaser trailer is being released ahead of the first premiere showing slated for December 2022 before Christmas, in Algona, Iowa.